STEEL ANCHOR FIBER “CHELYABINKA™” from manufacturer with delivery.

Steel fiber “Chelyabinka™” patented technology, milled from a metal sheet, with high anchor, is used to disperse reinforcement of cement-based concrete and mortar.

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Fiber "CHELYABINKA ™» is made of rolled steel and a steel strip is at the ends of the anchors in the form of a circle segment radius associated with the straight portions of the strip. The ends of the strips are deployed to each other at any angle. It allowed a smooth (without sharp bends) fiber axis deviation from a straight line. The most demanded size: fiber length - 36-38 mm nominal diameter - 0.63 mm. The technology distinguishes our fiber of other kinds of steel fibers which have received distribution on the territory of Russia, as an example - milled fiber of the slab mark “HAREX”, manufacturer "Kurganstalmost" or fiber wire, for example “DRAMIX” mark or similar to it.

Advantageous replacement of traditional reinforcement of concrete structures features fiber "CHELYABINKA ™"

Partial or complete rejection of the reinforcing rod

Reducing the volume of concrete structures

Reducing the time of manufacture of works at 2-5 times

High physical and mechanical properties

A distinguishing feature of our steel fibers - burr around the contour of the side surfaces and having closed ends of anchors, which dramatically increases its anchor in concrete. Moreover, conventional fiber diameter of 0.63 mm and a length of 36-38 mm are most suitable and receiving the highest physical and mechanical characteristics steelfiberconcrete, with the possibilities to ensure the best possible preparation technology and styling.

Comparison of tensile strength

Load type




7.6 mPa
2.5 mPa


2.5 mPa
1.4 mPa


66 mPa
54.5 mPa

Chelyabinka™ fiber application statistics

More than



The largest object - "Vesennyaya", road junction in Vladivostok (35 000 m³)

More than


sq.m. of floors

More than



Testimonials (yet only Russian)

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Accumulated knowledge base

Since 1998, we have been actively exploring all aspects of the use of steel fibers in various areas of construction. On the basis of knowledge and experience, we have prepared a collection of articles that will be useful to the design organizations, customers and contractors of construction works.

"Vortex" - device for feeding fibers in concrete mixers of all types

Установка Вихрь

Designed for uniform supply of fibers in concrete mixers while reducing labor intensity operations.

This is especially significant for the preparation of steelfiberconcrete in mixer trucks.

Price of "Vortex" depends on the amount and the setting modification is calculated individually. Leave the application, for an hour will prepare for you an offer.


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