The main activity of the company:

  1. Production, manufacture and supply of steel fiber (fiber) on the basis of the company’s employees RF patents: №2212314 «The method of manufacturing the dispersed fiber reinforcement and device for its realization” (2002) and the number 2,367,749 “tendons with high anchors properties for disperse reinforcement” ( 2008);
  2. Development of guidance and teaching materials for the practice of adoption and use of technology applications stalefibrobetona different compositions on the basis of domestic patented steel wool “Chelyabinka” and other types of fibers (in comparison) on the selection and preparation before curing compounds stalefibrobetona for various purposes in the practice of building organizations of Russia , the study of their physical and mechanical properties with the involvement of research organizations and individuals;
  3. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign experience study of possible applications stalefibrobetona  in practice precast factories in bridge-work, road, repair and construction companies in order to improve the physical and mechanical characteristics of structures, improve the reliability and durability of objects, reducing labor costs, the range and quantity of materials , reduction of the work time.
  4. Technological, computational and engineering study of possible applications of GRC technology to offer to clients.
  5. Development of designs of devices, devices for qualitative performance of the individual transition processes, with manufacturing them orders;
  6. Development of techniques and methods for quality control of individual operations processes, with mailing them on demand, together with arrangements for their implementation.

Provides the following services:

  1. Practical assistance to develop schemes for implementing the technology of preparation of SWFs on typical and original designs and line-BSU;
  2. The necessary strength calculations coatings, design elements of GRC customer orders, with the assistance of licensed organizations;
  3. The organization works on the selection of compositions SWFs with the necessary strength characteristics, adjusted them on the spot for local materials;
  4. Providing the necessary recommendations on the use of technology in the GRC proposed building structures;
  5. Ensuring delivery systems for pnevmovvoda fiber in faucets and fixtures, designed by, including for operational monitoring of cooked styling GRC mixture.

These services the company provides:

  • Expulsion is necessary instructional and teaching materials (fax, e-mail, mailings)
  • Telephone consultations on all issues of implementation and use of GRC technology
  • Help in solving problems arising in the course of construction companies
  • If necessary, on a contractual basis, on-site production of works anywhere in Russia.

Experience of using  Steel Fiber Concrete (GRC)

Since 1999. and now, on the basis of fiber stalefibrobetona “Chelyabinka” was used and is used mainly in the construction and repairs as waterproofing layers (GIS) carriageways of bridges. According to incomplete data on 1.01.2014g GIS carriageways GRC used by more than 350 bridge structures, including about 75 of them on federal highways.

In addition, applied and used in the device of industrial floors  for various purposes, bank treasuries , since 1998 – at manufacturing culverts with 2004g- in the manufacture of arched bridge structures  on the roads, and as a very persuasive and successful experiment in 2004goda – at urban road repair super thin layers, the production of small architectural forms and so forth.

Stalefibrobetona, on the basis of steel fiber “Chelyabinka” has better physical and mechanical characteristics than SWFs based on other types of fibers, including foreign (HAREX. DRAMIX), because has higher anchors properties and optimum geometry. This is confirmed by the results of studies conducted TSLPB of CNIIS in 2006 , LGTNU (d.t.n.Bocharnikov IA 2006, d.t.n.Solovev VG, 2009) (Details in Article  Analysis – Comparison of the most widely used in Russia types of fibers ).

Development of guidance, teaching materials

Studies compositions SOF conducted on a contract basis a number of scientific and engineering organizations, individual scientists and design institutions (SUSU,CNIIS , NIIZhB , RosdorNII, NPP SK MOST, branches GIPRODORNII etc.), as well as the practice of GRC technology, an analysis based on monitoring technologies perform certain operations on the stand, Object state after the start of operation in time of contract construction and repair organizations – have made ​​it possible to develop the company’s employees first ” Interim guidance on the application stalefibrobetona at repair and construction of artificial structures on the roads “(2002), and then taking into account the experience gained with the involvement of CNIIS develop “Guidelines for the Use stalefibrobetona the construction and repair of artificial structures on the roads” (2006) , is a practical guide for the implementation of stalefibrobetona in the practice of building organizations.

Finally, in early 2011, based on the total accumulated domestic, foreign experience of practical application of GRC technology, research, various research organizations and individual scientists, their own research and experimental work in collaboration with contractors and design institutes, condition monitoring Implementation since 1999goda related subjects, the company finalized ODM 218.2.014-2011 “Guidelines on the application of stalefibrobetona the construction and repair of bridges” under contract with the FDA Rosavtodor. Order of the Federal Road Agency from “30” December 2011 № 1043-p. he approved and recommended for use.

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